eCommerce merchants put a lot of time, money, and effort into driving traffic to their online storefronts. This traffic comes from channels like organic search, AdWords, social media, and email newsletters, to name a few. Another widely used strategy to drive relevant traffic is to buy ad space on an affiliate publisher’s site. But, like any other marketing initiative, how do you make sure you get the most bang for your buck when purchasing affiliate network traffic?

Zanox, our newest affiliate network partner, brought us in to help its advertisers answer this difficult question. Founded in 2000, Zanox is one of the biggest affiliate players worldwide, and has the largest European performance-advertising network with over 4,300 advertisers buying traffic from its ever-increasing publisher network.

By injecting Fanplayr into the above process, advertisers can optimize their investments in affiliate traffic by increasing conversation rates, improving average order values, and understanding drill down analytics across key performance indicators such as Net Revenue per Visit.

The underlying benefit behind this relationship is a fairly simple:

  1. Zanox helps eCommerce advertisers drive relevant traffic to their respective sites from their publisher network.

  2. Fanplayr can segment this affiliate traffic to earn the merchant higher conversion rates and average order values.

By analyzing the traffic coming from publishers, Fanplayr uses a smart algorithm to figure out the intent of a given visitor. Once on the advertiser’s site, we enable the merchant to target specific visitors in real-time, serve up relevant offers that appeal to this intent, which make visitors much more likely to convert. The tool also increases site-wide average order value by incentivizing people to add more products to their cart through targeted upsells.

We look forward to continuing to work with Zanox on improving its advertisers’ shopping experiences and affiliate network traffic performance!

Written by Fanplayr Account Manager, Zach Feinberg


LinkedIn: Zach Feinberg

Twitter: @thefeinberg