Translation of an article in Japanese

Fanplayr Team

“Fanplayr”, distributed by EC marketing service provider Jamu Inc (Tokyo), is attracting attention as a web service tool which judges the willingness of site visitors to make a purchase and displays discount offers at the optimum time. For adopting enterprises, it has resulted in improved conversion rates of departing shoppers, improved overall sales, and reduced advertising expenses.

The technology (IT) is developed in the United States and applies financial services principles to E-commerce. Its strength is in the real-time analysis of customer behavior on the site. The system analyzes visitor movements while they browse, and with each click, determines whether or not the visitor intends to “buy”, and displays an offer to those it judges to be not likely to convert.

Fanplayr does not require registration information to identify customers, and it is possible to approach shoppers who appear to be simply wandering. It does this by evaluating the likelihood of a visitor to make a purchase, by analysis of trends related to how each shopper browses the site and for how long. For example, while a discount offer may be displayed to a customer who abandons a shopping basket with a substantial value, discounts would not be displayed to customers who are strongly motivated to buy. In this way, it is possible to increase the ratio of sales to visitor traffic. These judgments are automatically made by the system.

Among apparel enterprises who adopted Fanplayr, conversion rates rose to an average 2.8% from 2.2%. On average 87% of sales, are delivered by just 19% of the total number of visitors to a site. Of these, 15% are customers who were previously “wanderers”, 31% are would-be “abandoners” and just 15% were determined to be “intent purchasers”.

According to Takashi Koyanagi, Web Marketing Officer at Jamu Inc, “It is a more cost effective tool for an EC marketing than current measures to increase the number of visitors, and delivers a much greater return”.