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CEO Simon Yencken on Contender Cast (Podcast)

Simon Yencken is the founder and CEO of Fanplayr. Fanplayr enables the creation and display of customized content for individual ecommerce visitor segments, including embedded content, overlays, email collection and product suggestions. Fanplayr provides a fully automated solution to track, analyze and intelligently target web site visitors and convert them to loyal customers. Simon joins Justin to discuss his background in the entrepreneurship space as well as experience launching Fanplayr.

23 January 2021

Fanplayr Acquires Japan-Based Jamu Inc.

The acquisition represents the fulfillment of a long-term relationship between Fanplayr and Jamu Inc., which dates back to 2012 and has been profitable for both companies. Jamu was founded that year by former Reuters colleague and investor in Fanplayr, Hideaki Ueda, who commented, "Expansion to Japan has been a reliable source of growth for successful foreign technology companies. Classic examples are Apple and Oracle. Penetrating this market is challenging and a visible commitment is absolutely necessary, which takes time. For these reasons, I encouraged my friends at Fanplayr to start in Japan as early as possible."

22 December 2020

Behavioral data and personalization - the advertising of the future

In a world where technology and innovation play an increasingly crucial role, how is it possible to use them to make your business more attractive and offer your customers an experience similar to that in physical stores also in e-commerce ? To try to answer this question, which proves to be fundamental in a world increasingly focused on digital and Big Data , is during Entrepreneurs in Video for Social Video Marketing Enrico Quaroni.

9 November 2020

Branshes (AEON Group) adds Fanplayr Recommendations AI

BRANSHES is a kids fashion brand that focuses on original fabrics for both boys and girls and incorporates trends not only in design but also in texture and materials. With the introduction of the Fanplayr AI Recommendations, we will provide the best products to our customers from among the thousands of children's clothing and provide a higher quality shopping experience.

6 November 2020