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Building new bridges with consumers after Covid requires smarter technology

The UK’s relaxation of lockdown restrictions is set to expose how some brands have become disconnected from consumers during the coronavirus crisis. In the post-Covid economy, companies need new technologies to understand customers and their preferences and persuade them to book holidays, hospitality, and leisure experiences or return to stores and showrooms. Discover how behavioral data and AI can help to increase website performance by building personalized experience in the New Digital Age article!

22 July 2021

Enhancing customer interaction in financial services: The role of behavioural analytics

Three times more Britons now have a digital bank than in January 2019, while four in five use some form of online banking. It appears it's time for financial organization to personalize their digital strategies and radically improve how they interact with web visitors and customers. AI-powered behavioural analytics offer far superior, real-time capabilities, using the data from the first-party cookies on their own website domains and where available, data from customers’ transaction histories.

5 July 2021

Brands and their advertising partners need new tools to power growth in online sales

UK online sales has strongly incresead this year through pandemic and Brexit and it seems it will continue to grow. Online accounted for a record 35 per cent of retail sales in January, according to the Office for National Statistics, while market data company Statista estimates growth will continue at 3.5 per cent per year. The customer journey personalization helped a lot in this online retail success, but what will happen as far as third-party cookies will be dismashed?

2 July 2021

Travel is still difficult to navigate, but personalization increases conversions

The travel industry is rebounding from the pandemic at various rates around the world, depending in large part on local conditions. While people are ready to get out into the world again, eCommerce is still the preferred method to purchase airline tickets, hotel reservations, cruise tickets, rental car reservations and more.

22 June 2021

Online advertising, here is the importance of first-party cookies

The cookiegeddon is getting closer: how will it impact the user experience and advertising and media industry? What will be the future like in a digital world without third-party cookies? Read the insights of Enrico Quaroni, VP Sales & Marketing @Fanplayr in this interview with Il Sole 24 Ore.

8 June 2021

The landing of Fanplayr

There is no e-commerce project that could be considered solid that does not take into consideration a data analysis tool that seeks customer loyalty. The issue is to generate new potential sales, but also to take care of personal data and to avoid the increasingly annoying bombardment of banners when entering while browsing the net or simply when checking email.

7 June 2021