Shane Barker, a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, product launches, sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions, interviewed Simon Yencken, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fanplayr.

Listen to the podcast to be inspired by Simon's journey, from working at a law firm to his introduction to technology and then, starting Fanplayr.

During the interview you will learn why businesses needs to turn more data centric and how Fanplayr can help, go in-depth into Fanplayr technology, how it works and why it matters, how behavioral data can improve user experience and generate sales.

Tune in to find out how you can get visitors more engaged and turn them into qualified leads for your business!

Marketing Growth Podcast - Epidose 1 Key Takeaways:

  • When businesses truly understand the data analytics and intelligence behind their customers’ actions, they become truly empowered to be more data-centric in their relationship-building.

  • Making behavioral data actionable can lead to increased revenue and customer growth and retention.

  • Every visitor to an e-commerce site, or in fact any site, leaves a data trail and creates a data journey that tells the businesses why those people are there and what their interests are.

  • Typically, at least 50% of website visitors already have a reason for visiting a particular site, and yet 99% of those visitors have left within two or three pages and within two minutes.

  • Ultimately if you can use data to actually understand visitors’ intentions, you can provide them a much better experience.

Marketing Growth Podacast - Episode 2

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalized behavioral data are produced by capturing data that understands people's behavior and providing a better, more personalized experience.

  • Example of how AI works: in the telco space, our clients need to get more subscribers onto a mobile phone plan or sell more mobile handsets. Understanding their visitors and stopping them from moving on to another provider is paramount. They need tools to be more engaging and their offers to be more impactful.

  • The essence of AI is making an experience more relevant, more engaging, and encouraging interaction with the customer.

  • Trend: Demise of Third Party Cookies

  • AI is becoming more relevant in this new world we are entering with the end of third-party cookies and with people taking privacy much more seriously.

  • A lot of the old techniques for tracking customer behavior online are changing with the demise of cookies. This means many businesses' traffic numbers are off, as they see 80% of new visitors whereas in fact it's really 40% because they can't accurately track people anymore.

  • AI can help businesses understand why people are there even though it's anonymous now and you don't know the name anymore (PrivacyID). You do know why they are there on site and what they are actually spending time on based on their navigation behavior.

  • My number one suggestion for businesses leveraging AI would be to dig in and make a start and feel that data cited can help with product recommendations.

  • Conversational AI is an important trend - businesses are using chat bots and virtual assistants to provide good service before a customer needs to speak to an actual person.

Marketing Growth Podcast - Episode 3

Key Takeaways:

  • The best way to think about how behavioral data is from a CRM perspective. If you can actually observe what the behavior of a visitor is, you can really start to understand holistically individual behavior and link that into your CRM data (contact details, loyalty program participation, shopping history) and provide a better experience

  • Real Revenue Impact: If I understand why visitors are coming to my site and they are looking at all these other products, but not buying them, through this behavioral data, I can actually motivate them to make a purchasing decision.

  • The Growth of Anonymity: As the world leaves a life of cookies and a lot of traffic becomes anonymous essentially, that behavioral data will be your best cue to understanding how to provide the best most possible experience for that person and make more money.

  • Segmentation as a Service for Everyone: SaaS means you can access an application as a service through the cloud, and the invention of segmentation is incredibly powerful but in every other technology provider it exists only within their own environment. Fanplayr makes this available to everyone to use as a service so they can centrally segment their calculations and get back an answer immediately and then move along with their business. (Fanplayr Segmentation as a Service is patented not just in the US but we have the same patent pending throughout Europe, Japan, China, Australia and many other countries.)

  • Leveraging Behavioral Data Beyond Sales:

  1. onsite targeting is monitoring all the traffic and then understanding where people are lost or getting ready to leave and taking an action to entice them to stay on the site longer in hopes of increasing conversions;

  2. messaging platform where we provide one platform where any business can message customers (Gmail SMS, WhatsApp, etc.). By combining behavioral data and AI with the common messaging platform you can actually target your offer or message to where the customer most is open to receiving such information;

  3. merchandising where we offer services like product recommendations and product ranking that allows retailers to push products people actually want to buy.