The Cyber ??5 are certainly the most awaited period of the year for those who work in the eCommerce sector. In addition to being the five hottest days of the fall season, Black Friday and Cyber ??Monday are interesting indicators to predict the trends that will characterize the Christmas shopping season. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to be prepared to officially launch purchases with targeted strategies to offer consumers the most personalized shopping experience possible.

Enrico Quaroni, VP Global Sales of FANPLAYR, explains in the note: "The Black Friday period represents a challenge for those who work in the world of eCommerce. It is not just a question of increasing conversions but of understanding the right strategy to apply to achieve this result. For years, Fanplayr has been moving in advance to establish a well-defined plan of attack, trying to predict trends and the continuous evolution of the market. This year more than ever, I think the best investment for those who work in ecommerce is to focus on the customer experience and make the most of first-party data. Last year in November, Fanplayr recorded an average conversion rate of 22% with an increase of 17% (16.94%) for net revenues and + 21.4% of net revenue per visit. These data show that the user is engaged and that the strategies implemented the previous year were effective. We are curious to see what will happen this year ”.

Here, then, from Fanplayr, is a list of tips for brands to be prepared for the event of the year by focusing on personalization, timeliness of the message, strategic use of incentives and creativity.