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Fanplayr helps to achieve a significant increase in the conversion rate and average cart by presenting offers and communications in real time, thanks to an advanced segmentation.

Using Big Data to maximize the effectiveness of ecommerce: this is the idea behind the activity of Fanplayr, a company founded in 2012 in Palo Alto, who chose Italy as a forerunner of its international expansion: offices in Milan in 2013. In our country [Italy] Fanplayr boasts active clients of the caliber of Mondadori, Stefanel, Maserati store, Alitalia and Bottega Verde, which helps to achieve a significant increase in the conversion rate and average cart by presenting offers and communications in real time, thanks to a advanced segmentation which identifies clusters of users with a lower likelihood of conversion and critical paths that reduce purchases and sales. “From the beginning, the idea was to make the Milan office the headquarters of European” Mariano Tripiciano, VP Europe of Fanplayr, told us. The business, in fact, seem to be going at this full speed: ‘The next step is to hire local developers and we are seeking at least 4 sales manager for integration by Christmas. We will have to change the office, to support the continued growth of the company. “

Mariano, howa does the Fanplayr technology work?

To begin working with Fanplayr it is necessary to integrate our javascript, directly or through platforms such as Magento, Tagcommander, Shopify. At this point the data collection period beins through which we can promote specific users with ad hoc offers. Targetting is normally only 10-15% of a site’s traffic, however the customer cluster involved with Fanplayr are only the most suitable for improving the performance, avoiding the “Spray and Pray” approach. The basic idea is to identify users who behave differently average purchaser (for example in the time taken to add the first product to the cart) and propose to these less active users, incentives only valid for the duration of the visit, creating a sense of uniqueness that encourages the user to complete the order. We operate in total transparency, all results are demonstrable by A/B tests. Fanplayr is paid in CPA and there are no activation fees.

What can the contribution be of big data in the e-commerce sector?

The contribution is definitely huge. In fact Fanplayr tracks more than 70 variables about the user journey for each visitor. Big data and ways to process it fast is essential to manage and use all this information in real time.

What are the next steps in your international growth?

After the Italian market, where we can boast steady growth, we are now approaching the Netherlands, Spain, France and Germany, in short, the rest of Europe. Major affiliate networks like Zanox, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker, Affiliate Window, Webgains and CJ are resellers of our product. The next important step is the development in the Latin American market, where we opened an office in November 2015 and immediately found the first customers. Brazil is the most promising market. By the end of 2016 we aim to open an office in London. From 2013, Fanplayr has tripled its sales every year until 2016.