Fanplayr helps eCommerce retailers convert browsers into buyers with real-time offers & messaging responding dynamically to shopping behavior.


Act on real-time insights to transform your ecommerce business.


From website visitor to converting customer, understand the site metrics that lead to your conversion rate.


Watch how your sales-cycle performance changes overtime while gaining access to a number of drill-down metrics.


Identify key characteristics among converting customer profiles to determine segmentation and targeting strategies.


Fanplayr's advanced segmentation engine allows retailers to easily divide cohorts of shoppers defined by 100s of rule based attributes.

New Customers

Fanplayr can deliver incremental conversions by making one-time, aggressive offers to users who would otherwise bounce.

Purchase History

Average and maximum purchase values for a given period can be used to determine which offer price points are likely to drive conversion.

Behavioral Targeting

Use 100s of collected visitor attributes to align messages and offers with expressed visitor intent.

Segmentation as a Service

Use our powerful segmentation rules as an API to connect to extend functionality on your site.


Fanplayr provides custom-tailored real-time offers and messages.

On-Site Offers

Create personalized and engaging offers targeted at visitors as they navigate your eCommerce site.

Email Collection

Add fresh new leads to your email list and newsletter campaigns by enticing visitors to give their email address using a segmented approach.


Fanplayr is constantly testing and iterating campaigns to determine which offer makes sense to target to which segment of visitor traffic.

A/B Testing

Choose what percentage of your overall visitor traffic you want to target with offers.

Offer Testing

Add multiple offers to a targeting strategy and let Fanplayr determine which is most effective.

Analyze Performace

Adjust your strategies as you examine various performance based reports and customer profiles we generate.

Creative Editor

Fanplayr offers a full featured editor for your creative assets including banners, popup offers or email collection. It's as easy as making a presentation!