Fanplayr co-founder and vice-president, operations Derek Adelman was in Sydney this week visiting customers and partners. As Simple welcomes Fanplayr to our ecosystem of partners helping marketers with the intelligent deployment of their marketing resources, we caught up with Derek and asked him what Fanplayr’s partnership with Simple will deliver marketing teams.

Hi Derek. Great to meet you! Welcome to Sydney. Tell me a little bit about what Fanplayr does for brands and how it works.

Thanks for having me! The Fanplayr platform makes behavioral data actionable. Fanplayr captures and interprets highly granular engagement data points in real-time. Brands install it through two different tags on their website: visitor and conversion tracking tags. Then we track, capture and act on visitor engagement as they navigate through the site.

Sounds interesting! What’s does the data that Fanplayr captures tell marketing teams?

Fanplayr is capable of revealing and acting on each browser’s expressed intent and interest in a highly relevant way. We capture their movements, the content that they see and the historical context of the visit. We know the content on those pages and — if they’re on an ecommerce site — the state of their cart at every page. We evaluate each visitor’s session and if they qualify, according to segmentation rules we set up, they may receive a message or and offer designed to optimise value to the brand.

You have customers including Maserati, Guess and Alitalia. What kind of outcomes can you deliver for brands?

We deliver the outcome that each marketing team says they need. If the marketing team decides they want more registrants, more sales, or to increase average order value, Fanplayr works backwards from the desired outcome.

For example, we look for behavioural signals that identify purchase intent, like an early add-to-cart or the number of times a shopper executes a search in the first two minutes of engagement. We then measure the conversion rate of visitors who exhibit these behaviours, and if this rate exceeds the rate for the entire site, we exclude that cohort from special treatment. That leaves a remaining audience of casual browsers, who reveal various interests but have little intent to purchase, creating an opportunity to specifically target visitors who would otherwise simply leave without conversion.

Often we are tasked with trying to get traffic to convert at a higher rate and at a higher value than it normally would, by aligning the message to the interests and intent that the visitor is expressing through their behaviour over time. We have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t work for specific products and markets, so we can propose specific scenarios can deliver incremental revenue.

What does this look like to the visitor?

Visitors to a website might be delivered a particular offer via a multi-view slider or an overlay or an embedded banner delivered via a widget. For example, on a financial services website, a high-value visitor might attempt to access some free content on a resource page available to subscribers only. When this occurs, we might ask to find out a little bit more about what who this visitor is and how they can be reached and what they might be interested, in exchange for access to this valuable resource. Subscribers will not be subject to redundant requests. This interaction enables more meaningful approaches via email or by phone that align to the subscriber’s expressed interests. In this way, you can get your visitors onto an escalator of sorts, whereby more and more relevant and tailored offers can be made available as and when it becomes appropriate.

How will Fanplayr work with Simple to help marketing teams be more effective?

Simple is a top-of-funnel planning and brand orchestration platform. Fanplayr sits at the end of that funnel for sites that have an online presence. We inform which parts of the campaign work and which ones fail to deliver in very the last mile of that process, adding accountability to the whole endeavour.

And because Fanplayr data is truly actionable in its most basic sense, tt is uniquely capable of informing best-practice marketing playbooks created within Simple.

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