We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Finch to enable our customers – online retailers of all shapes and sizes – to optimize their online sales cycles under pay-for-performance pricing models. Both of our companies present completely synergistic eCommerce solutions as we have developed innovative SaaS-based technology platforms to improve two crucial areas of any online store. But what does this mean, exactly? And why are we partnering?

For starters, Finch and Fanplayr were originally founded to combat the reality that online marketers have been giving away the farm with pay-to-play online marketing strategies that don’t always lift the bottom line. More specifically, buying into expensive projects like Google AdWords, website personalization, and retargeting doesn’t always produce the ROI online marketers are looking for. With this, driving meaningful visitor traffic to your eCommerce site is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Without an innovative and demonstrable alternative, online merchants will likely continue to toss marketing budget out the door without significant results.

Enter the Finch – Fanplayr dynamic duo: both pay-for-performance solutions that put the online merchant in control. Finch focuses exclusively on PPC for eCommerce, providing an AdWord optimization platform that improves the return on ad spend for online retailers. As you may know, we take a very similar approach onsite by offering an intelligence-based platform that enables our customers to optimize their sales funnels by delivering targeted, real-time purchase incentives. Both of our cloud-based & data-driven platforms present total synergy to our customers, which is why it is no surprise that this partnership is picking up steam!

“We are excited about the opportunity that this partnership presents because we can enable eCommerce sites to optimize the whole value chain from bringing traffic to the site to getting the maximum ROI on converting that traffic at the best possible margin and rate,” says Simon Yencken, CEO at Fanplayr. “For example, Fanplayr insights and analytics provide real-time visibility into how PPC traffic is behaving onsite. Furthermore, we can see which visitor profiles among this traffic should be targeted with appropriate incentives via our visitor segmentation capabilities.”

Both pioneers in our relative approaches, this partnership is already mixing things up for our customers that are looking to stay ahead of the curve! For additional information on how we are working together with Finch, please watch the video here, or you can also pay Finch a visit on their website.

Written by Ryan Brown, Biz Dev at Fanplayr

LinkedIn: Ryan Brown

Twitter: @brownryanbrown