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Fanplayr, a company established in Palo Alto, offers e-commerce operators a technology capable of generating incentives in real time, tailor-made to each customer. After two years of continuous growth they are launching new features focusing on mobile. Among the new features include advanced methods of segmentation and targeting, the ability to customize different types of widgets and banners and dashboards based on the most important KPI.

In recent months Fanplayr Europe, has won customers including Alitalia, Lenovo, Microsoft, Yamamay, El Corte Ingles, La Redoute and Toys Center for which they have helped enhanced the results of the online store mobile presence.

“We know the problems of those who work in e-commerce: attracting traffic is expensive and the conversion rate is low given that on average only 2% of a visit ends with a purchase,” says Mariano Tripiciano, Vice President for Fanplayr Europe. He adds: “A dangerous trend is that of giving indiscriminate discounts because they do not really involve potential customers and risk damaging the industry. In fact they may create a fall in profit margins.”

This analysis stems from the Fanplayr solution, whose technology is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that tracks visitors and customers of online stores and traces their behavior. Once a sufficient number of profiles and information has been collected, Fanplayr allows the identification of visitors and customers with a similar profile and generate targeted offers, able to convert visitors into customers and, depending on the strategies required by individual e-store, to increase the convertion rate or the average spend to every buyer.

After the successes of desktop web side, Fanplayr focuses on the upgrade of mobile purchases, exploiting the potential of smart targeting and segmentation in a fully dedicated manner and focusing particular attention on the experience of buying multi-device. On online store such as and the mobile Fanplayr widgets bring up personalized offers to visitors. The widget is non-intrusive: the offer remains visible to the user while browsing and is directly applied in the cart.

After revolutionizing the affiliate market in Italy in 2014, when Mariano Tripiciano launched a global partnership with Zanox, TradeDoubler, Webgains and CJ, four of the leading international affiliate network, today Fanplayr is the underlying technology in dozens of successful online store including Alitalia, Lenovo, Microsoft, Lamborghini, El Corte Ingles and Unilever.