Village Club Du Soleil is a French e-tourism company which books stays in their mountain & sea resorts in France with an all-inclusive offering.


Intelligent Increase In Conversion Rates

VCS was looking for a way to optimize the online customer acquisition journey through purchase incentives, without sacrificing margin on the products being sold. The goals were:

  1. Increase new customer conversion rates
  2. Increase total net revenue per visitor
  3. Recover visitors about to bounce and abandon their cart

VCS business is strongly seasonal and as a result a specific push for certain destinations at key times of the year is required to maintain year round revenue

Village Club de Soleil

Fanplayr Solution

Segmented Strategy

It was necessary to develop an extremely customized integration that met the specific needs of the online travel industry.

After a period of data collection, deep behavioural analysis was used to identify user profiles with low conversion probability.

Different strategies were analyzed through A/B tests using the Fanplayr platform and the most effective ones highlighted and adopted, including optimized purchase incentives, targeted messaging and cart abandonment reduction


Conversion Rate Increased by 133%

The outcome of the A/B tests proved positive, showing impressive numbers very quickly. The tests demonstrated a huge increase in the net revenue generated specifically by the users targeted and more than doubled booking numbers.

  • 173% Total Net Revenue Increase
  • 133% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 17% Average Order Value Increase

"Fanplayr is a great tool, and allows us to identify and target an audience which was hard to convert online. The solution answers our needs, and we appreciate the team responsiveness" - Catherine Gerard, Marketing & Communication Director