Innovative Effective Solutions For Clients

Triboo Digitale is one of the largest digital agencies in Europe. Based in Milan, they offer integrated digital marketing solutions for brands like Maserati, 3M, Lamborghini, and Scarpe Scarpe. They manage end to end eCommerce solutions including performance marketing, design, mobile, software development and testing.

Triboo Digitale

Triboo has always sought new and intuitive ways to turn their clients’ visitor intent into conversions. With their SEO, retargeting, and affiliate management they had built robust and proven solutions to drive quality website traffic to their customer sites. They looked at Fanplayr to extract more conversions from their clients existing traffic.


Fanplayr Segmented Strategy

To expand their advertising reach, Triboo partnered with Fanplayr to run multiple client campaigns across their diverse retail portfolio. Fanplayr’s account managers designed campaigns for Triboo clients that improved the visitor shopping experience. Fanplayr’s campaigns dynamically targeted visitors as they were shopping in real-time with relevant and timely offers.


Fanplayr was able to accurately identify which visitor segments had the lowest conversion rates with the highest revenue potential. Fanplayr only targeted visitors who otherwise would not convert. In doing so, they were able to provide a profound impact on both top line and bottom line growth by adding incremental revenue. Additionally, Fanplayr’s solution was a fraction of the cost of other conversion rate optimization companies.

"Our Clients Expect Us To Deliver Innovative Digital Solutions In This Very Dynamic ECommerce Space. Fanplayr Has Clearly Provided A Unique Degree Of Innovation That Is Both New And Provides Immediate Business Benefit. They Provide Ongoing Thought Leadership In The Conversion Rate Optimization Space." - Stefano Vendramini, President Of Digital Marketing