Smart Growth in Conversion Rate

Rickysarkany.com tasked Fanplayr with increasing its revenue from new visitors whilst also reducing its shopping cart abandonment rate. Importantly the client wished to optimize its conversion rate in a considered strategic manner, rather than adopt a one size fits all solution and applying it to all incoming users. In short Ricky Sarkany wanted to specifically identify those visitors who simply needed an incentive to convert. The overarching objective was to increase total revenue, but without wasting discounts on those visitors who would have bought anyway

Ricky Sarkany

Ricky Sarkany specialises in collections of female and male footwear, and other leather accessories. Ricky Sarkany products are handmade by highly specialized artisans using exclusive materials imported almost entirely from Italy. New lines carried by Sofia Sarkany include clothing, swimsuits and accessories such as scarves and glasses. Therefore, when choosing a Sarkany product, the focus should be on quality above all else.


The Fanplayr Segmentation Strategy

Using the advanced segmentation engine and the help of Campaign Managers from Fanplayr to analyse user behaviour, Ricky Sarkany was able to identify the profile of visitors with a low probability of converting.

The campaign focused on increasing user engagement with the site, increasing the average value of orders and increasing purchase intent overall.

"With Fanplayr we manage strategies focused on the top of the conversion funnel. Using highly segmented strategies with a focus on conversion, up-selling and retention, we were able to maximize income and profitability. In the last year we used A/B testing, which allowed us to define even more profitable commercial proposals to offer; helping to increase the average basket value for targeted users." - Luciana Cristofoli, RickySarany.com, Marketing Leader


Conversion Rate Increased by 34%

Fanplayr implemented several A / B tests to measure the effectiveness of its campaigns in Ricky Sarkany’s Dreamstore.

Only 50% of the visitors were targeted while the other 50% continued browsing as before. When comparing users exposed to the Fanplayr technology with the control group, we saw increases in the conversion rate of + 34% and net income of +55%.

Ricky Sarkany A/B