Intelligent Increase in Rental Applicant Pool

MyNavi wanted to identify candidate rental applicants based on their browsing behavior and session attributes including location, device, date and time of day. By delivering an offer that related directly to the key life concerns of the target audience, MyNavi wanted to create a larger and more differentiated applicant pool with a view toward not only increasing the pool itself, but to increase acceptance rates and decrease processing time. The key was to readily discern decision drivers by segmenting according to how visitors navigated content. This served to improve the end user experience while at the same time improving the relevance of the service being delivered.


MyNavi is a news and lifestyle portal that is operated by the Japanese Mainichi Newspaper. The portal has a monthly readership of 34 million, and provides news and services related to employment, housing, health, finance, education, and life events. Its audience is broad and looks to MyNavi as a primary access point for information and services related to life stages that range from early adulthood to retirement.


Segmented Strategy

Using the advanced segmentation solution and the help of Fanplayr's Campaign Managers, MyNavi was able to identify various audience profiles and relate them to certain rental interest types. The campaign's call to action drove visitors to pages that revealed rental type, timeframe and asked for an application submission. Depending on the type of visitor a reward was offered in the initial message. This could be cash-back on the first month's rent, a discounted rate on nearby childcare services or, in the case of a student application, a zero cost right to cancel if enrollment plans changed for any reason.

"We were looking for a solution that could help us identify and target renters with a relevant message that would increase our applicant pool and allow us to deliver a more precise service; Fanplayr was a perfect fit for us." - Naoyuki Okayasu - Head of Lifestyle Information and Services


Applicant Pool Increased by 11.5%

Fanplayr implemented an A/B test to measure the effective impact of its campaign for MyNavi. 80% percent of targeted visitors were shown the directed message and the remaining 20% the generic message and continued a "standard" user journey. Further, downstream evidence indicates that due to the improved differentiation of the applicant pool, the approval rate of applications increased by over 16% and the process time decreased by over 30%.

MyNavi A/B