Intelligent On Site Engagement has 40 different domains worldwide. With such a diverse customer base, they were having difficulty engaging their visitor traffic in a personalized manner. They were looking for innovative ways to enhance their onsite experience to increase their conversion rate and AOV. is the online store of the famous car manufacturer based in Modena. It has been a symbol of Italian luxury for the last 100 years. Maserati has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide.



Fanplayr Segmented Strategy

Fanplayr analyzed over 50 attributes of each visitor to understand the intent and digital body language of visitors during their &me on site. Fanplayr account managers created up-sell campaigns by targeting visitors in real-time based on cart value, time on site, and the products mix they added to cart.

"Fanplayr’s Service Has Given Us Insight To Understand The Digital Body Language Of Our Prospects, And Respond To Them, All Within A Single Work Flow. This Means That We Are Creating Greater Experiences For Our Customers, And Building Better Relationships For The Future" - E-Commerce Manager, Maserati


Just one month after the campaign launch the results were exciting. Within the segments being targeted:

  • Net Revenue increased 35.6%
  • Net Revenue Per Visit increased 54.6%
  • Conversion Rate increased 28.4%
  • Average Order Value increased 29.3%