Conceived and founded in 1997 by Percassi, KIKO MILANO is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that offers a line of make-up and cutting-edge face and body treatments. Products are of the highest quality, safe and effective, created to satisfy the beauty desires of women of all ages.

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Increase performance onsite

KIKO Milano was looking for a solution to meet several objectives:

  • Identify with certainty which users browsing the site had the lowest conversion rates;
  • Drive less engaged users to add a product to the cart and complete the purchase in the current session, to optimize traffic investment ;
  • Drive medium engaged users - with full cart but with intention to abandon - to conclude the purchase in session;
  • Drive highly engaged users - with a full cart and who continues to navigate - to increase the value of their cart.

The Fanplayr Customer Success team developed a series of strategies, conducted an AB test and closely monitored the progress of the campaigns.

"Granular segmentation and an extremely dynamic approach to Fanplayr strategies allows us to accurately identify and interact only with users who show that they are not sufficiently engaged" - Diego Morgandi – E-commerce Director KIKO Milano


Two months after the AB test went live, revenues increased by 41% and the Conversion Rate increased by 22%.