Infinity+ is the on-demand video streaming platform with movies, TV series, cartoons, programs and fiction from the Mediaset Group. Active since 2013, it was the first SVOD service on the Italian market.


Increased engagement onsite

The engagement strategy developed for Infinity+ is aimed at increasing the time spent by the user on the site, and encouraging the engagement with specific new content.

Users who are inactive for a long time on any particular page are targeted with the "How do you feel today?" widget.

Depending on the emoticon clicked, the user is taken to a category page that contains a collection of films in line with the selected mood.



50% of the users who interact with the Fanplayr Engagement Widget, continue browsing by watching at least one new piece of content.

"Using the fully managed service provided by the Customer Success team at Fanplayr, we constantly adapt strategies based on the changing of user habits and based on seasonality." - Marta Dones, Customer Marketing Manager Infinity+

"With Fanplayr we reach and activate the most detailed elements of our traffic." - Marco Dall’Olio, Digital Marketing Manager Infinity+