F. O. International, a manufacturer and distributor of children's clothing and sundries, faced a challenge in that the conversion rate results from their conventional email marketing campaign had reached an upper limit. It took a lot of time and effort to tune the email stream, which produced unsatisfactory results.

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Improve effectiveness of email messaging with content based on behavioral analysis.

Measures implemented with Fanplayr

Using Fanplayr's behavioral targeting with the streaming email content function, we implemented "cart abandonment email delivery", reminder messages for specific customers. For customers who leave the store with high purchase motivation but without the actual purchase, we remind them of their in-cart selections by sending an email series at specific intervals.

"After adopting the Fanplayr service we feel as though we have been freed from conventional operations and can think about expanding the depth and relevance of our customer outreach. Operations have been freed up, and the numbers following the open rate have increased dramatically." - Sakane Kazuya – Assistant General Manager


Compared to conventional email marketing, F.O. International was able to achieve very high results in all areas: 174% open rate, 196% click rate, and 490% conversion rate.