ARKnets is an ecommerce fashion site selling high quality brands aimed at shoppers in their 20s to 40s. ARKnets selects valuable products from a wide range of fashion brands and operates its stores and e-commerce site with the philosophy of “providing high quality products to shoppers who recognize and care about quality”.

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ARKnets handles more than 700 brands and a wide variety of categories. For this campaign the brand was looking for a web-based customer engagement tool that would allow them to analyse the site’s customer base, segment the users into actionable marketing segments and deliver personalized messaging to the right user, in a timely fashion.

The company is reknowned for its loyal customer base.

The Fanplayr approach allowed ARKnets to build on this customer loyalty to promote repeat purchase, whilst ensuring users weren’t over exposed to messaging or irrelevant incentives. Fanplayr’s strength in not only analyzing site and customer data, but surfacing it in real time for the purpose of onsite targeting was a key functionality both for the brand and the success of the campaign.

"Fanplayr has a large number of scenarios for the display of personalized messages to improve the customer on-line experience. We plan to adopt many of scenarios ourselves as we develop precise shopper segmentation in the future. This is important due to an ongoing need to simplify navigation across our many brands and categories." - Tsunakawa Hiroto – Web Team Leader


Fanplayr analyzed shopper behavior data on the site and proposed to target very specific under-performing visitor segments. As a result, a very impressive gain of 198% conversion rate was achieved.