Intelligent Increase in Conversion Rate

The strategy adopted considered multiple on site KPIs including driving conversion for low occupancy flights and stimulating specific route segments with historically low conversion rates. The challenge was to trace the complex behavioural characteristics of Alitalia’s users in order to effectively identify and target the most appropriate customers at exactly the right time.


Segmented Strategy

The Fanplayr integration provided an effective way to track the complex data and behaviour of site visitors, whilst covering the specific variables provided by Alitalia. Through A/B tests directly set up using the Fanplayr platform, several different campaigns and related incentives were tested to identify the most effective strategies.

"Fanplayr proved to be an excellent tool thanks to which we were able to identify and target an audience otherwise extremely difficult and expensive to reach" - Stefano Sinagra Acquisition Manager – eBusiness Alitalia


Conversion Rate Increased by 30.89%

The outcome of the A/B tests revealed extremely encouraging numbers, showing an uplift vs the control groups often higher than 30%.

Alitalia A/B