TANNICO & Fanplayr


Tannico is the world’s largest Italian wine shop. Just four short years after its founding, this food-tech company is one of Italy’s fastest growing and most successful new enterprises. To date, it has shipped over 1 million bottles of wine throughout the world. Tannico is revolutionizing the wine-making industry, both in terms of purchasing and selling strategies. Despite their innovation and fast start to market, Tannico is facing the same challenges every on-line ecommerce company must address; the ever-increasing cost to drive traffic to its site and fund the necessary marketing channels to acquire customers efficiently and generate revenue profitably.


Using Fanplayr’s patent-pending behavioral data segmentation capabilities to detect, identify and action users’ live shopping activity, Tannico is converting top funnel traffic into loyal, return customers. Fanplayr helps Tannico make every user visit valuable by offering a combination of product information, personalized cart recommendation and calibrated promotional incentive timed specifically to convert browers and casual shoppers into actual paid customers.

Using Fanplayr and these strategies, Tannico achieved two notable results: the first was a massive improvement in their ROI from promotions: by using such specific and personalized discounts and offers only when triggered by user behavior, Tannico reduced their total promotional spend and improved their overall all promotional profit margin by discounting more accurately in every purchase journey. The second result was an important improvement in the total customer conversion rate on the site resulting in a steady and sustained increase In gross revenue and net profit.


In the first 60 days of activity Fanplayr generated over 2,500 new orders targeting just 2% of the total visitors to the Tannico siit generating more thatn 7.7% of the total sales. Additionally, Fanplayr increased the conversion rate to 3.2% with a redemption rate of its messages of more than 12%.

These outstanding results were delivered after a deep A/B test analysis that showed statistically relevant numbers. Fanplayr and Tannico worked together in identifying different behavioral patterns for users coming from organic or paid channel.

“Fanplayr team is a real partner for us, they are contributing with a daily focus and support to achieve our ambitious long-term plans. We found in Fanplayr a strong technology and a very supportive team. We are sure we will keep working with them in the following years”, says Riccardo Zilli, Tannico Growth marketing manager, “It is now the time to optimize every session instead of buying loads of traffic and then let users alone once they are in our shop. Nowadays, personalization and onsite engagement must be part of a marketing strategy to achieve best results in terms of sales and performance”